In voyange towards the future,pragmatism is of extreme importance except dreams and ideals.Hard work and innovation is the mainstay of our company to make us unbeatable in the intense market competition.
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Rely on professionals:
Hire and train a team of Hi-quality staff and workers.

Aim at the worldwide market:
Organize and manufacture needed products

Take advantage of science & technology:
R%D Hi-tech Hi-margin products.

Shanghai Licheng Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1993. Depending on the advanced technology and scientific quality management, we have been a excellent manufacturer of BP series UV absorber, pharmaceutical intermediate, dye intermediate, food additive, and other Hi-tech products. And we are the national standard-setting unit of L ACID. We have a good reputation and high visibility in the industry.
At present, 95% of our products are exported to all over the world,In order to promote and expand our business,we set up the Hongkong office in 2007.

Shanghai Licheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: No.908,Qingmu Road, Heqing Town, Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China
Post code: 201201
Contact: Sales Manager  Mr. Eddie Stone 

 • Sulfo J Acid
 • Alpha Naphthol
 • Gallic Acid
 • Pyrogallic Acid (Pyrogallol)
 • Octyl-p-Methoxycinnamate
 • Tetrabromobisphenol S
 • Phenidone S
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